From humble beginnings at a southeast Kentucky pickin’ party, to festival and concert stages all around the country, The 23 String Band have parlayed their homegrown approach into a signature sound that’s difficult to categorize—not really bluegrass, newgrass, oldtime, ragtime, cowpunk, folk funk, and certainly not (gasp!) rock-n-roll—but easy to describe in a word: fun! Having taken a break while pursuing various other musical and life projects, 23SB is excited to reunite for a few dates in 2016, drawn back together by the same forces that drove them to unexpected success in the first place: the sheer joy of making music together, and the fun of sharing it with amazing fans. Welcome back to the party!

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The 23 String Band plays fun, fuel-injected, original Americana that dangerously weaves across the lanes of modern acoustic music — windows down, accelerator to the floor, on a joyride into the unknown with one eye on the vintage sounds in the rearview mirror. It’s a bluegrass attack fueled by high-octane rock-n-roll energy and triple-distilled oldtimey roots. Your feet hurt from dancing; your face hurts from grinning. Get ready: you’re riding shotgun!

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